We present the CAPS programme as demanded by the Education Department of Kwa-Zulu Natal. An open plan programme is followed. During free play the learners have a choice where to play. They may play in the fantasy area, cognitive area, verandah, garden and creative area.

Routine times are as follows


News is shared, days of week, weather etc. are discussed. Bible stories are told and songs sung.

Toilet Routine

Teaching the learners hygiene bathroom habits.

Snack time

Emphasis is placed on good nutrition and table manners.


Music, drama, dance, movement, birthday as well as developmental rings are presented. Stories & Language development: The pre-school morning ends with a story and language development activities.

Free play

A wide selection of sensopathic activities including sand, mud and water play. Learners have a choice between the Dolly house, jungle gyms, balancing and obstacle apparatus and bicycles on the top playground. Creative activities like painting, dough and drawing, eg.

Grade R Learners

The Grade R learners follow the LATEST DEPARTMENTAL curriculum.

Progress Reports

Each learner receives two progress reports yearly. The principal and teachers are always available if needed. We also encourage you to communicate with us as the staff is there for you and your child/children's use.